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The 9xmovies platform has the best compilation of trending, all-time favorite, popular, and new Bollywood and Hollywood movies for you to download. It offers these contents for free.

9xmovies is not just any free movie download site, it doubles as a loophole for most Hollywood movies that are yet to premier in cinema, making the site a popular content hunt for people who like to keep in touch with the latest rollout from the world’s biggest movie block, Hollywood.

You can get links to the latest movies, standalone episodes, and trending epics from both Bollywood and Hollywood. And there is no clear-cut difference between the movie niches in terms of content. This means that the site also offers dubbed movies and popular mergers.

Do you need a free URL that allows you to download movies at leisure without the pressure of cinema tickets and unnecessary censors? If yes, then check out the next alternative for free and reliable fun time onscreen _ 9xmovies. With only a few hundred gigabytes in your PC or mobile device.

Movie fans can heave a sigh of relief after a long wait for a good movie treat. They have dozens of free and secure URL options to select from under the Hindi-dubbed, Bollywood, and Hollywood movie categories on the 9xmovies.com site.

So, how do you get your hands on this load of fun? Basically, you merely follow a few steps and keep to the on-screen cue. We will take you through the details in the following sections.

Read below for more information.

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9xmovies _ 720p, 1080p, 360p, & More Free Formats

The first feature we want to check off our list here is the video formats on the platform. Some of the most popular ones, especially for those using an older mobile phone version, are 360p, 1080p, and 720p.

Probably, new formats will get updated on the site as soon as they’re out. For now, the ones above are currently up for grabs. And you don’t need any subscriptions to download them. Below is a quick overview of the best features on the 9xmovies website.

Download Vids in Clear Formats

As we already mentioned, the site offers good content in high-quality formats, depending on the mobile device.

You can expect varied videos from different niches like Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Sometimes, these titles come in dubbed HD formats, providing the best on-screen moments for viewers for free.

Also, the website offers really good content, selecting titles from various niches and genres. It seems to contain Indian movies primarily, with a few options to download the new trending Hollywood series.

Titles from Bollywood and Hollywood aren’t the only sort of content that makes it to the site, though. If you like to download mergers and some recent collaborations from either of the two movie industries, you will have a lively time on 9xmovies _ where all the best movie options are available.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the niches you will likely find on the site:

  • Hind-dubbed entertainment movies,
  • Titles from South Indian Movie genre,
  • Tv Shows from across all categories,
  • Pakistani Movies,
  • Punjab Movies,
  • Tamil Movies,
  • Pre Release Bollywood Movies,
  • Kannada Movies,
  • Marathi Movies,
  • 300MB Vids from Bollywood,
  • Bhojpuri Movies,
  • Telugu Movies, and
  • Popular Tv Shows.

9xmovies has a fascinating cache of movie trailers to whet your appetite for movies and interesting epics. It offers very original titles in several formats. You merely need to select the ones that suit your preferences, click on the available download URL, and select the designation folder for the movie.

But this isn’t all you need to know about the movie, is it? You probably want to know if it is safe. So, check the section below for details.

Is 9xmovies Safe?

At this point, after confirming that the movies and titles are legit _ with familiar trailers from popular entertainment industries _, the next thing that needs checking off the list is security. Does 9xmovies compromise your device? Is the site legally cleared to offer such titles?

Well, the answer is NO.

9xmovies mostly offers pirated content, In fact, people tend to use the website anytime they wish to go around censors, VPN bans, and Netflix password blocks. In this way, they get to bypass all the legal processes that guide the movie content marketing niche.

It doesn’t matter if the titles are predominantly Bollywood or not, most of the ones on 9xmovies aren’t really safe, considering that the site is full of ads. Also, frequent redirections could constitute a nuisance in the long run, and they are splashed all over UI ads.

Here is the thing: Illegal Content & Ads.

If you are a newbie to websites like this, you will have a tough time getting to the download URL subpage.

Another downside to the whole 9xmovies free movie promo is that the platform is officially red-taped in India, making it illegal for anyone to download, use, or share files obtained from the 9xmovies category.

Regardless, there are many free movie websites online, all of them sharing pirated content for free. Consider 9xmovies as one of these bunch. Then, you can easily go around any ad issue by carefully avoiding ad baits.

Popular Titles on The Site

Here are some latest titles on the website that you might wish to check out and possibly download without any subscription.




Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Avatar 2 Out On 9xmovies!

Heropanti 2


Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

KGF Chapter 2


Sharmaji Namkeen


These are only a few movies for you to get an idea of the sort of Bollywood movies on the site. It even comes with variations, options for Pakistani movies, and other popular collaborations from different niches/production studios in the Indian entertainment industry.


You can get these movies from several 9xmovies clones such as 9xmovies.net, 9xmovies.pro, 9xmovies.name, and many others. It just shows that the site is freely spoofed by people looking to run random pop-up ads online.

See how the 9xmovies download steps work.

How to Download Movies from 9xmovies

We recommend the .net URL for downloading content from this platform, especially with all the clones online. Still, it doesn’t mean that the URL is secure. You just have to watch out for the ads _ and possible malware _ on the site.

Use this procedure to download movies from the 9xmovies site for free.

  • Visit 9xmovies.pro.
  • Preferably, search the site along with the movie title to make it convenient.
  • Once you spot the movie, click on the title description.
  • Then move to the subpage and follow the onscreen cue.
  • Also, select the first download link on the page.

Finally, your movie will download into the designated folder on your PC or mobile phone.

9xmovies Alternatives

Apart from the 9xmovies sites, you can still download your favorite titles from the platforms below.






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