Bodhi School of Yoga Online classes Institute Fee Structure

Bodhi School of Yoga offers the best Yoga courses in India in different types including spiritual and fitness. This school also randomly offers scholarships to its students.

The main aim of this school is to build individuals on self-discovery and fitness journey and good health. However, to bring this aim to fulfillment while taking individuals on their training courses, BSY takes the students into a self-awareness journey first-hand before they go directly into the journey.

If you have the zeal for helping individuals on their self-discovery and good health journey just like this school, you can start by acquiring your 200-hour YTT program certificate offered by the Yoga Alliance.

This post is here to guide you in picking the best Yoga school to register with BSY in mind, see a review of this school, how much it costs, and other important details for trainees.

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Bodhi School of Yoga Overview

Bodhi School of Yoga is a training school on self-discovery, self-awareness, and good health located in India. this school covers Yoga training in different aspects including philosophy, anatomy, and others.

However, besides the great coverage in different areas of Yoga, Bodhi School of Yoga also has a great learning environment that is conducive to learning which is very important considering that the training is focused on helping trainees discover themselves in live in good health.

Rated 4.5 on the school’s website, it is said to be an amazing and the best option for students who are interested in Yoga, promising to give them the best of teachings as well as a beautiful environment to stay in while they learn.

Alongside a great deal of teachings, the Bodhi School of Yoga presents certificates to its students after a completed Yoga session depending on which one they signed up for.

Bodhi School of Yoga’s Pros and Cons

Although it is a physical school, Bodhi School of Yoga also offers online courses for intending Yoga instructors. However, this does not bring about any form of questioning on how true and real the teachings will be.

Registering in this school whether to become a Yoga instructor or just to practice Yoga and learn the basics, you are allowed access to a lot of features upon registering and this includes access to many different workshops as well as a boost in your self-esteem and awareness.

However, despite the many amazing reviews from customers, Bodhi School of Yoga may still have fa ew bad sides to it which users must take note of before they join.

This is not in any way to discredit the school but it is always important and advised to read every review, good or bad about an institution or anything before venturing into it.

On that note, below is an outline of the Pros and cons of the Bodhi School of Yoga;


Bodhi School of Yoga may have more good sides to it than bad based on the reviews from customers and trained yoga instructors.

Below is a list of the advantages trainees should expect to enjoy in joining this school;

  • Teachers at iatBodhi School of Yoga are said to be world-class and trainees are to expect to learn from the best in the field
  • Upon completion of the courses registered in this school, trainees are given certificates for any course they choose which may determine their complete venture into the Yoga instruction world
  • Bodhi School of Yoga offers specialized courses and programs for its students
  • This Yoga school offers scholarships on ta timely basis for its trainees with different attached prizes and side offers for its beneficiaries
  • The support team are always available to attend to the need of the students and intending online
  • There are also online courses for students who are interested but are not close to the schools and they are accessible to any individual from anywhere in the world


For the time being, Bodhi School of Yoga has not received enough negative ratings to be tagged as a disadvantage however, there may be some that I did not find or take note of.

On that note, you can go ahead to search if need be.

 Bodhi School of Yoga Online Classes

One of the advantages of choosing this school is that you can register for one of the online classes if you are not close to the physical location and still receive every benefit that offline trainees enjoy.

The Bodhi School of Yoga courses are in different categories;

  • Certification courses: registering under any of them means you will get a certificate after the training is over
  • Training Courses: this is specifically for those who are interested in becoming Yoga instructors in the future, you can register for one of the courses under this category
  • Advanced certification
  • Yoga class: attending normal yoga classes your self-development good health, and self-discovery, you can register for one of the courses under this category

To access these courses, you can visit the school’s online website then look at the top of the homepage and click on courses, you can see the categories and choose anyone you want by clicking on it.

For the Bodhi School of Yoga fee structure, there is an option for individuals to register for scholarships which could mean they will not spend a dime for their sessions if they are lucky.

Individuals who are not studying under any form of scholarship will be required to pay some amount of money ranging from 2,500 Euros but could be more or less.


Registering as a trainee at the Bodhi School of Yoga is very simple and can be done on the school’s website online. Individuals can also take part in the school’s scholarship offers which come up randomly and with several benefits.

While this school is based in India its courses can be accessed online by users from any part of the world. Registering for these courses depending on which one you want to go for, may determine what level of teaching you will receive as not every course comes with certification, and the benefits attached to each differ

You can find out more about this school on the website.

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