French TV Series | 5 Best Amazon Prime & Netflix French Movies

Getting the best out of French TV Series is one of the biggest wins for people who subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime for entertainment. For one, it could even help you pick up a few French.

Suppose you are counting on premium content, which movies would you be looking for on the Netflix app? We have a few titles here for you, cropped from different genres and niches to suit our readers’ movie choices.

Of course, the movies may not have the typical Hollywood idea of humor, but the funny moments are there all the same. And there will be more in the bag for foreign viewers. If you expect to unravel surprises under this French TV Series package, then bon appétit!

Here are the things to expect from this article.

Our French TV Series, apart from providing a list of some of the most enjoyable movies on the app, introduces you to a new niche, especially if this is your first contact with an all-out French movies list. In any case, you might have seen a few of these movies as suggestions on your Netflix app. Still, we wish to provide a good intro to the titles here in this post.

The sure deal for most French TV Series viewers is that they get in touch with the French culture, making it easy for them to relate with the characters. It feels just the same as any staple from other cultures. For example, Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood in England, Heidi in Germany, and the Vikings in Scandinavia.

Instead of reproducing epics, our post looks for urban French TV Series that viewers can easily relate with.

Also, Netflix may not have all these movies for all subscriber categories. The problem is mostly an IP address issue, and you can bypass it with a VPN. Upon accessing all the titles on the app, use the entries in this post to find the best French TV Series that resonates with you.

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French TV Series: How to Find the Titles

Most movie lovers typically make their choice from reviews, then slowly compile personal lists from their preferences. We would suggest the same method for you regarding this list.

Further, the next thing to consider is the particular genre(s) that contain the movies you love to watch. It also helps you to make a good list for your loved ones, say kids or relations or friends. After all, French movies are great for hangouts, get-togethers, and after-parties.

Below are some of the titles in our French TV Series list.

  1. Bonfire of Destiny

We start with Bonfire of Destiny since it captures at least three (3) genres at once.

Set in eighteen ninety-seven (1897), Bonfire of Destiny follows the lives of three lead actresses as they forge through the torrent of problems in their time. It captures the upheaval and deception of the Parisian lifestyle for many regular folks.

Bonfire of Destiny is English for Le Bazar de la Charite. The plot has a real-life undertone since it is based on a true story, and that is how the users can connect with the story, which unravels in spaced episodes.

French TV Series

The meat of the story is decidedly simple: three women are in the center of a fire incident alongside intrigues and other family differences by the side.

Adrienne is the heroine that struggles to free herself and her daughter from the ambitions of her husband. Her rendezvous with her lover is punctuated with love languages and hurried plans to regain her child.

You will find relatable struggles like Adrienne’s in this movie, which narrates a striking story from the point of view of Paris’ different classes.

  1. The Hook-up Plan _ Plan Coeur

If you are looking to make a teen French TV Series out of our list, consider adding The Hook-up Plan to it. You might be wondering how it is different from the one-hundred-plus-one teen rampage movies out there. If so, see below for the reasons to go watch this movie.

Plot Preview

Plan Coeur is the typical case of calling a bluff. A lover can’t get over her ex, so she gets a young hook-up to fill in the void that threatens to envelop her life. In the long run, things don’t go to plan.

We move along with the pace of this series as the character explore their weaknesses.


The movie stars:

Josephine Drai (as Emile),

Tom Dingler (as Matthieu),

Zita Hanrot (as Elsa), and the others.

Although the actors have a teenage hint to their characters, they never blend in with the frivolity that occurs so frequently in teen romcoms.

  1. Mythomaniac

Here is a funny French TV Series to look out for on Netflix. Mythomaniac is a technical term for a compulsive liar.

We hear defenestration and other geeky stuff about behaviors and accidents, but mythomaniac turns this one into a relatable series. All the characters struggle to go around an intricate lie told by a cheating partner.

French TV Series

Mythomaniac has six (6) episodes in the only season that is out yet (the movie was released in 2019), although it might make a comeback in the coming months. It is a Drama and stars Mattieu Demy and Marina Hands. The movie has a familiar touch because of the suburban scenes.

  1. Lupin

In this title, George Kay dramatizes a story of a thief, Arsene Lupin, based on the book by Maurice Leblanc.

Lupin is unique. It mirrors the passive aggression that builds up when justice is trumped by greed and bias. Released in 2021, the movie made quite the impression, running for weeks on Netflix and Amazon Prime.


N/B: You can check out Lupin from any French TV Series suggestions on Netflix or other paid platforms. Alternatively, you can use a VPN, should a Netflix restriction bear down the download process.

  1. The Returned

We round up with a zombie-like drama. That’s a poor way of introducing newbies to the French TV Series niche, but The Returned deserves its flowers. It plays out in two (2) seasons, stretching over sixteen (16) episodes that reveal the backstories of the lead actors and actresses _ Pierre Perrier, Yara Pilartz, and Clotilde Hesme.


The strange plot leaves us in drop-jaw awe, especially when people rise from the dead twenty (20) years after they’re interred!

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