Lookfantastic Review | Shop Cheaply, Is Beauty Box Worth It?

Lookfantastic Review by this post, will introduce you to the online retail platform based in the UK which is used by individuals from across the globe for their beauty and skincare product purchases.

This platform although based in the UK, can be accessed by individuals from any part of the world and the products sold in the online store are acclaimed by the company to be from their physical store in the UK.

However, Lookfantastic despite its several promos and other ways of trying to lure/attract buyers for her products, customers seem to have a lot to say about the company therefore intending users are advised to make sure that they go through every means possible to find what is and/or not good about this particular company and any other online space before they go ahead to use.

Therefore, this article will give you in detail, every information you need to know about this company and online beauty product store before you go ahead to use it.

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Lookfantastic Review: How Does it Work?

Lookfantastic is acclaimed to be a physical company based in the UK that has an online store that is utilized to grant access to individuals from across the world to use in shopping for their beauty products.

To be able to access Lookfantastic’s beauty and hair products, customers are expected to sign up for a Lookfantastic beauty box which is a subscription box where they can shop their products on hand pick.

This means that for access to be granted to this store for your shopping needs, you must first subscribe and sign up on the beauty box or directly on the Lookfantastic website store.

Once you are signed up or subscribed on this website which is not certain whether or not you will be required to pay any amount of money, you can then shop for your beauty products.

There is also an option on the store for you to make payments for the products you picked which will be a guarantee for shipping them to you.

Additionally, the products that you can shop in this store are not limited but range from skincare to hair and you can get them at very cheap rates, cheaper than you would have at the local store.

Does Lookfantastic Sell Fake Products?

Lookfantastic Review proves that the products sold on this online retail store are very cheap, way cheaper than every other store of the same products however, customers are right to be bothered about the authenticity of the products hence, everything is considered fake.

In this case, however, Lookfantastic is acclaimed to be selling authentic and original products from their warehouse in the UK to their customers from anywhere in the world despite their being very cheap.

This means that, to counter the popular belief that every cheap product is fake, Lookfantastic sells authentic products at very cheap prices which is especially what stands it out from other stores of its kind.

However, to discover more amazing products that you would love, it is advised and based on Lookfantastic Review from old customers, that you subscribe to the Lookfantastic beauty box which houses different beauty products and you can discover what products are new and could be suitable for you.

Most interestingly, depending on the deviance in the taste and likeness of individuals, if for any reason you do not feel satisfied by the Lookfantastic products you got delivered to you, the company allows for the return of sold products, but you must return the bought product in pristine condition and within 30 days of purchase.

This is further proven by this Lookfantastic Review, how suitable this online store could be for your beauty and hair care needs.

Lookfantastic Review: How To Identify Which Products Are Fake

It is not enough by way of Lookfantastic Review to conclude that every product delivered by this beauty company is authentic and that there is no fake, this must be the reason for the return policy which is also not necessarily because you found out the product is fake.

Different reasons customers may decide to return bought products may include;

  • Wrong product was delivered: if you found out your product was mistaken, you are permitted to return it by the return policy then you would be sent your main order
  • The delivered product was damaged: this could be the fault of the delivery service but if your product was damaged, you can read the return policy carefully to know if you can return it
  • A fake was delivered: although this may not always be the case as Lookfantastic wants us to believe if, for any reason unknown, you found out that the product delivered to you is a fake, you could return it

There are many reasons among the above listed that you may want to return your product but if you get your product delivered and you want to check if it is authentic then you can check that by the barcode.

The barcode is a popular way of checking the authenticity of a product including the expiry date and other important details so, check if your product is original by looking carefully at the barcode.

Lookfantastic Review: Why Is Lookfantastic so Cheap?

As has been mentioned, a lot of people believe that every cheap product is fake so it is not out of place for a Lookfantastic intending customer to be worried about the reason for the cheapness of the products sold at the company when they are said to be authentic.

Lookfantastic Review by this post is very important to know so you do not conclude or end up believing what is nonexistent.

There are different reasons why Lookfantastic Review says the store sells very cheap products;

  • Lookfantastic is an online brand therefore saves a lot of cost that would have been accumulated by transportation of products and other expenses as most physical stores count
  • The store runs on direct to customer basis therefore it also saves any cost that would come based on that

Conclusively, Lookfantastic Review says the company, being an online store, saves a lot of cost that may be accumulated by staff employment and payment, space management, advertising, and every other means of expenses therefore it sells its products at very cheap rates.


Lookfantastic Review says the online retail store is poorly rated by customers but maintains that it sells very cheap beauty and hair maintenance products for beauty-obsessed individuals.

However, users are advised to check every review left about the store and pay attention to the details to make sure they are not making a mistake.

Lookfantastic’s beauty and hair products are very cheap and this is due to the lots of expenses saved by the cost of staff, advert, space, etc, retained due to it being an online store that runs on a direct-to-customer basis.

Lookfantastic Review is a must-read for every intending user of the online store.

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