PlatinWorld Reforms from PlatinCoin Ponzi – Full Unbiased Review

PlatinCoin, which was an MLM crypto company, and recently tagged as a Ponzi scheme within the MLM niche is reformed as PlatinWorld as a disguise to mislead many to invest. Before we dive in to discuss its reformed scheme, let’s discuss more PlatinCoin, which was tagged as a Ponzi scheme as we earlier mentioned.

PlatinCoin’s investment & Ponzi scheme was launched in 2017 by a Ponzi promoter, also known as the founder of the company – Alex Reinhardt.

Alex, which is the founder launched PlatinCoin after the collapse of SwissCoin Ponzi, and he was known as a top-tier investor in the company. Before SwissCoin collapsed, it was discovered that he stole about €94,000 EUR from the company’s investors.

Having such a mindset, he went on to launch PlatinCoin, which we’re sure he applied the same measures, and scheme and that led to the company being tagged as a Ponzi scheme.

And now, Alex has decided to reboot his scam once again, and named it Platin World, whose domain name is “”, and was initially registered on June 23rd, 2021.

After a few months, the company was officially announced in Dubai in November 2021. While PlatinCoin appears to still be active, its scheme was abandoned for PlatinWorld, which investors viewed as newly launched.

The company (PlatinWorld) was launched to scam people via a Ponzi coin known as PLC Ultima. And this coin had currently increase in public trading value of about $60,000.

According to the coin chart, it is known that its manipulation started around November placing the coin (PLCU) at around $20,000. Since then, it’s been increasing rapidly, which has currently turned into a $58,684 market value.

With these brief highlights explained above, we expect you to consider this full review of the Platin World/PlatinCoin in the following section and find out more about what this company offers you as an online investor.

PlatinWorld/PlatinCoin Company Overview

According to Alexa, PlatinCoin’s major sources of web traffic are in Germany (24%), India (17%), and Mongolia (14%). Meanwhile, PlatinWorld seems to appear online as of late 2021, but its recruitment & operations began in January 2022.

And according to Alexa, its web traffic has been dragged toward Germany (24%), Russia (17%), and Mongolia (14%), if you look closely, you’ll find out that the company dropped its source of traffic from India, and transferred it to Russia.

There’s no discussion or aim of operating via MLM offers on PlatinWorld, however, it still seems like PlatinCoin’s MLM opportunity has been repeated again via PlatinWorld, but hidden.

See more of what PlatinCoin looked like before being tagged as a Ponzi scam in the following paragraph below:

More Details about PlatinCoin

PlatinCoin appears to be an MLM crypto company claiming to leverage blockchain techs, global business, and more especially, social platforms.

According to its official bio page, the company’s aim is to build an innovative cryptosystem and make it accessible to individuals all over the globe.

The company discloses that you do not have to be an expert & having lots of technical knowledge in order to increase your daily income.

As a member of the platform, the company equips you with tools & dedicated minting equipment package to start your operations on the platform.

PlatinCoin Minting Equipment Packages

  • Hardware – a dedicated server resource
  • A Unique user ID showing that Minting Unit belongs to you
  • Software – an expanded separate blockchain node
  • A fine-turned and pre-installed Blockchain wallet, and a full set of rented coins for successful minting.
  • A controller that monitors the auto & corrects crediting of minted coins.

How about the company’s products, do you think they offer any product or services so as to show evidence or proof of external revenue, and not be tagged as a Ponzi scheme? Well, find out in the following section of this article.

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PlatinCoin’s Products & Services

In terms of the company’s products, we think it offers no retailable products or services that prove as its source of earning outside the company to assist those it tends to offer crypto commissions to, which are precisely the investors.

As an affiliate member of the company, you’ll only have access to sell the company’s affiliate membership packages to others around you, and also invite them to participate in the company’s income opportunities and earn rewards.

When an MLM company claims to offer commissions or ROIs without an external source of revenue to prove its service or show that its offers are legit, we think it’s a RED ALERT, and can result in being tagged as a Ponzi scheme.

Or rather when an MLM company possesses these traits below:

  • Rough company background
  • Hidden owner & his or her information
  • No retailable products as proof

These are traits & signs we notice in a scam operation or a pyramid scheme, and such signs can lead to the company’s collapse one day.

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How to Become a Member of PlatinCoin

Joining as a member of PlatinCoin seems to be easy.

Having read this full review above, and you’re not convinced in any way, and still intend on joining PlatinCoin or PlatinWorld, all you need to do is to visit the official site, and get an account by registering for free.

But first, before registering or signing up, you need to download the wallet for performing encrypted transactions on the platform, register, rent the equipment, and start minting.

After completing the above steps, you can then start up a business with PLC by purchasing different packages on the platform based on the ROI worth of earnings you need on your investments.

For further updates & information concerning the PlatinCoin reboot to PlatinWorld, feel free to visit this page often on Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share or leave a comment below for informational purposes.

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