Access Bank Student Loan | Enjoy Access to Funds For School Fees

Access Bank Student Loan is rendering financial help to students, parents, and guardians to secure a good education and learning in a comfortable state.

Students who are not buoyant enough can make use of the loan issued by Access Bank to help them settle the issues that they may be facing. The loan offered is placed at a comfortable rate.

The Educational system makes it hard for students to afford their school bills without loans, so one needs to apply for such loans which are available to secure a bright future.

They offer loan services at a wide range which comprise Student Loans. It helps you to reach your target in terms of financial help.

Access Bank Student Loan is utilized by individuals who want to make the application, see how it works, and the required process to enable you to have access to it.

Also, unique features possessed by the loan help the individual have easy access to it. Discussed below is a list of the many features that the student loan offers.

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Access Bank Loan Unique Features for Student

Well-thought-out features have been included in the bank loan application which makes it simple and easy for a student to have free access to apply.

Here is a list of the many available features that make the loan accessible and most preferred.

Limitless Loan Access: The student or individual can request a loan as high as 5 million and below.

This feature is put in place to make it easier for students to pay for their school requirements such as school fees, textbooks, accommodations, feeding, and other educational materials and requirements.

Loan Duration: The repayment period for the loan acquired by the student lasts up to 6 months this allows them to use the loan to achieve the objective for which it was borrowed.

In repaying a student loan, it is important to note that interest rate applies. The student equally needs to understand the policy standards heeding the terms and condition that governs Access bank loan.

Considerable Interest Rate: This is yet another important feature of the Access Bank Loan. It is competing with other loan institutions because of its favorable interest rate.

The interest rate and repayment method are designed to be flexible providing a user-friendly interface for a student or individual.

The student or borrower is placed into consideration because they have financial constraints. It provides a rate that is variable and less expensive.

Collateral-Free: The loan offered to students by Access Bank is free from Collateral. All you need do is apply for it with the necessary documents.

Requirements for Access Bank Student Loan

As a student aspiring to apply for a loan, certain things are needed from you such as your details and documents that will serve as proof for reference.

However, this requirement is categorized into two forms

  1. Salaried Customers
  2. Non-Salaried Customers
Salaried Customers

As a customer that has a means of earning a salary through government work, the application process is not complete without the provision of some necessary documents.

These materials are important to determine if you are qualified to take up the application and to successfully apply for Access Bank Student Loan.

Here’s a list of the essential documents:

  • Application Form. You must fill out an application form that is issued by the Bank. The content of the records will demand your personal information, employment status, and other vital details.
  • ID card: A valid means of Identification will be needed during the loan application process. Such as an ID card, voter’s card, international passport, and driver’s license.
  • An Offer Letter: This is a letter that identifies you as a student of an institution or school. It must be properly and well accepted by school officials hence it could be invalid.
  • School fees invoice: To help the bank assist you with the requested loan amount, you need to present the school fee invoice generated which shows the exact amount to be paid as school fees.
Non-Salaried Customers

This application is for Access bank Customers who want to apply for a student loan but are not salary earners. They have other means of income or are probably self-employed.

The process is almost the same as the salaried customers just that a few things were added to it.

This action is necessary to determine if they can be able to repay the loan requested and also check to see how genuine their income is being made. The important documents needed are:

  • Application Form: The application form is necessary while requesting a student loan. This is to enable them access to your details and more materials such as documents. This Student Loan application form can only be gotten from Access Bank.
  • ID card: An Identification Number, international passport, and a valid driver’s license is required as means of identification for the individual or student.
  • An offer letter: an accepted and well-recognized offer letter is important as it serves to prove that you are a student of the school. Important signatories must be duly observed.
  • School fees invoice:  A printed format of the school fees invoice must be made available to show how much loan you want to get. Or a billing utility that will serve as a residential means of identification.
  • CAC Document: This document provides evidence that you are a true owner of a business entity. The Corporate Affairs Commission is a business document that may include: Certification of Incorporation and Articles of Association.
  • Corporate Bank Account Statement: Access Bank requires that a year corporate bank account statement must be provided to qualify for a student loan as a non-salaried customer. This is the check the capability of the customer been able to repay the loan.

How to Apply for Access Bank Student Loan Online

The application process for Access Bank is very simple and easy for those who want to get a student Loan. Below is a list of 5 important steps to take while applying:

  • A download of the application form is the first and crucial point of the call. This form can be accessed using the official Website of the banking institution.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary information providing error-free form details
  • The next step is to snap your signature on a plain sheet, scan it and upload it in the space provided for it. By doing so it confirms that you agree to the terms.
  • Making sure that all information has been provided, you can send the application form to the designated email Address
  • After the successful completion and submission of the application form, you have to exercise patience as the board in charge will take up the form process.

This process may take a while as verifications need to be made to access if you are qualified for the Student Loan.


Access Bank Student Loan is accessible by all, an eligibility and requirement process is all you need to process and enjoy the comfort that it offers.

As a customer interest rate is always at a decreased rate while others are expected to have an affordable interest rate.

Also, it is important to note that the amount given out as Student Loan determines whether or not collateral will be requested.

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