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Amazon Customer Service NumberIn our current world, things are now so much easier per se than they were before in the old day. Nowadays people do many things like make calls, text, video chats, and even read books online as well as other things. But that doesn’t stop there.

Since the time of advancement in technology more and more things have been getting on the system, and people can now buy and sell assets online both physical and digital.

Not only that, but people also get the chance to voice out their thoughts without restrictions by writing and publishing books and so on. Anyways, things like that may not be possible without the creation of certain important platforms like the Amazon marketplace.

Why Amazon Customer Service Number

Amazon as one of the top markets places has value and a lot of people use it. And in a kind of situation like this where there are a lot of people and a lot of services to render, sometimes there might be issues or little complications which must be resolved through contact with the platform’s support.

Amazon is one of the most popular online markets and everything any customer will ever need is closely as sure as possible to be present.

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Are you a customer and you need direct assistance from the amazon customer service personnel and you need a number to call? Well, this here is your lucky day.

Before we get right into dropping the line, we wish to inform you of the basic things to have at the back of your mind before making that call.

There are a few things you should know before contacting the Amazon customer service number and these are only a few of them

  • Users should be aware of the kind of issues that can be resolved
  • The ones that are not easily resolved through phone
  • When you should call the customer service

What issues can the Amazon customer service resolve?

First and foremost, before you dial the amazon customer service number, be much positive about the result you can get. This is because the amazon customer service provides support to almost all the issues that can be done using your phone or any of your gadgets.

The department can resolve issues arising from identity theft, charges, request approval status, etc.

There is also added support for other online services which includes the technical know-how as well as how to navigate the site. This involves movie streaming on the site, Ebook reading and publishing, and so on.

The ones not easily resolved

There may be some setbacks during the use of the marketplace when users buy products from third-party sellers. However, after some time without satisfactory results, customer support will intervene.

If there is an issue during the shipment of a package using third-party platforms, there is no maximum intervention. This is because they don’t have the kind of control over those ones that their delivery workers.

Packages for return and refund are to be repackaged by the customer and taken to the pickup point. Though the return process and shipping label are carried out by customer support.

When you should call

The Amazon customer service number, though always online 24 hours daily and 7days a week is still not with its challenges. These challenges are not because there is not enough personnel to handle the situations, but since the line is always on the work with many people seeking assistance at once.

Here we have no issue telling you the best time to call the line and in addition to that reassure you shorter waiting period. The best time to contact the line as of this moment is between 8-9 am. By this time the average wait time bounces from 2-to 1 minute. Very short, isn’t it?

The Number to Call and other choices of contact methods

The Amazon customer service number is 888-280-4331. Remember not to press any number and not even 0.

Other methods include email, chat, web support, as well as through amazon social media support platforms. Email:

Social media support is provided through their social accounts. Always remember to check that the number you are calling is correct and that the social media or web URL is also correct before giving any information.


People do get in trouble sometimes with online shopping especially when the market is a complex one. And assisting is the most important thing any platform that wishes to continue expanding will do.

Also, it is important to provide the best way to get the support or assistance as the case may be. This is where this information comes in. We still may not know of any other easier ways to make contact.

For this reason, we continue to appreciate proper suggestions, and ideas mostly from experience, from people who have in one way or the other, contacted the customer service before.

For any information, to us or other users, kindly use the comment box below to let us know.

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