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The Cambridge International Scholarships opens annually for students from across the world to register and stand a chance to study at the prestigious university on scholarship.

This scholarship opportunity does not only cover the tuition fee of the selected students but also comes with some other side benefits that are only enjoyable when the students are selected for this opportunity.

The aim of the Cambridge International Scholarships and Vice-Chancellor’s Awards is to ensure that the highest-scored students, irrespective of nationality, receive full financial support to undertake PhD studies.  The Scholarships pay the University Composition Fee and a maintenance allowance sufficient for a single person

This post will serve as a guide for you on how to apply for this scholarship, what other benefits are there to it, and some other information.

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Cambridge International Scholarships Overview

Cambridge International Scholarships
Cambridge International Scholarships

The University of Cambridge will offer, via the Cambridge Trusts, the Cambridge International Scholarships to the highest-ranked international students undertaking PhD studies at the University. For UK and Irish nationals, the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards is similarly offered.

In selecting Gates Cambridge Scholars, the Trust looks for students of exceptional academic achievement and scholarly promise for whom advanced study at Cambridge would be particularly appropriate.

The Trust expects a good match to be made between the applicant’s qualifications and aspirations and what Cambridge has to offer.

Successful applicants will have the ability to make a significant contribution to their discipline while in Cambridge, with a strong aptitude for research, analysis, and a creative approach to defining and solving problems.

The trustees are required to award scholarships based on a person’s intellectual ability, leadership capacity, and desire to use his or her knowledge to contribute to society throughout the world by providing service to his or her communities and applying his or her talents and knowledge to improve the lives of others.

Unlike other prestigious scholarship schemas, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship does not formally require a university endorsement process.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarships pay the University Composition Fee and a maintenance allowance sufficient for a single person.

A Cambridge education prepares students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Schools can shape a Cambridge curriculum around how they want their students to learn, helping them discover new abilities and a wider world.

If you are lucky to be selected for the Cambridge international scholarships, you will enjoy the below-listed inclusions on your scholarship;

  • University tuition fee.
  • Annual stipend (sufficient for a single person)
  • Immigration Health Surcharge.

There may be some other benefits that you can enjoy upon securing this scholarship.

Note: Few full undergraduate scholarships are available – most support is a partial contribution and is means-tested. Please pay particular attention to the application requirements and deadlines.

Eligibility Requirements For Application

This scholarship is for 1 to 4 years of study leading to a graduate degree at Cambridge University, England. Seniors, graduate or professional students, and graduates are eligible to apply. U.S. and non-U.S. citizens are eligible.

All applicants must apply directly to Cambridge and fill out the supplemental portion of the application to the Cambridge Trusts to be considered for the award.

Additionally, applicants must provide a University Committee drawing up one ranked list of all Ph.D. candidates across all disciplines.

The only factors taken into consideration in agreeing to this list are academic qualifications, references, and research potential.  The financial situation of applicants does not affect the selection of scholarship winners.

Documents and Other Requirements

if you are interested in obtaining feedback on your Cambridge International Scholarships application from a campus committee, then you need to submit materials by this deadline. University faculty and staff who are familiar with the Gates Cambridge Scholarship will review materials received by this date. If materials are submitted late, only the National and International Scholarships program will be able to provide feedback.

Below is a list of the required information to be submitted;

  • A signed Scholarship Waiver (either scanned or in hardcopy).
  • Three letters of recommendation are particular to the student’s Gates Cambridge application, two of which are part of the Cambridge application and a third that serves as a personal reference. Letters should be sent as attachments directly to us at Please do not enter your recommendation writer’s email addresses on the Cambridge application until after receiving any feedback from our office, as letter writers will not be able to modify their online submittals.
  • A complete Cambridge University application for admission (including a writing sample if required, but no photos). Note that admission requirements vary by department, but in all cases, we will need a CV/resume for Gates consideration and that Ph.D. candidates are also required to submit a research proposal. The online application is not available until September 3. Please submit a PDF of your online form. To help you prepare, the writing prompts generally include:
  • Summary details of a research proposal or reason for applying for a course (One page, single-spaced)
  • Additional information in support of your application (about 12 lines of text)
  • Career goals and future aspirations (about 10 lines of text)
  • In no more than 500 words please explain why you are applying for the Cambridge International Scholarships and how you meet the four main criteria.
  • CV/resume

Application Process and Stages for Cambridge International Scholarships

To be considered for the scholarship, you must apply for admission and then complete the funding section of the online application form via the Applicant Portal expressing your intention to be considered for funding. Applicants who wish to start their Ph. D.s in the next academic year must apply by either the 4 January 2024 deadline, whichever deadline is appropriate for your course.

It is important to visit the official website to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

There are two stages for application;

Stage 1

Cambridge International scholarship applications are a part of the general Cambridge international scholarships application. The applicant is responsible for submitting his or her application to Cambridge. Please note that your online application will automatically be deleted if you don’t make any changes in 2 weeks, so log in periodically to keep it active!

Also, your reference letters are due on this date. Your entering their email addresses triggers the requested email to your referees.

Letters should be written to the attention of the “Board of Graduate Studies.” If your letter writers wish to include the address, it is:

The Secretary

Board of Graduate Studies

4 Mill Lane

Cambridge CB2 1RZ

United Kingdom

Final Stage for Cambridge International Scholarships

Individual departments at Cambridge nominate their top students based on academics. Then four different Gates review committees (biological sciences, physical sciences, arts, and social sciences) will short-list candidates to be called for a national interview in January. We will coordinate mock interviews for those students called for an interview.

The final selection is generally publicly announced within a week of the Cambridge international scholarships interview.

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