How Etisalat Business Quick Pay & Online Recharge Works

As a customer of the Etisalat telecommunication network in the UAE, you might probably want to know how the Etisalat Business Quick Pay works including Etisalat online recharge as part of an internet service package.

Etisalat seems to be the largest telecom network in the UAE with lots of services for internet packages to offer such as calls, SMS, and other internet-related services.

Also, they allow you to freely pay bills for their postpaid payments & even recharge online without login into their platform. To draw a conclusion, you don’t need to create an account or login before you can carry out a quick pay & recharge service.

And we know that you do not know how to use it, which is why you visited this platform. We’re gladly here to guide you on how to use the Etisalat Business Quick pay service, and online recharge procedures.

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Etisalat Business Quick Pay Features

The Etisalat quick pay features include:

  • Access to all company’s trading accounts
  • Manage & operate all accounts
  • Full view of usage calls, data, and messages 
  • Payment of bills online easily with bulk payment options
  • Users are free to view, share, and download bills
  • Free navigation without data consumption
  • Sign in instantly to the app & business online portal.

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Etisalat Business Quick Pay & Recharge Online

You can possibly recharge your Etisalat line or rather use the quick pay service to run your postpaid online. Moreover, while using this method, you can easily save up to 10% bonus credit, which will be valid for about 3 days on each recharge you make.

See the following procedures below, and find out how to use the quick pay or recharge your Etisalat line online:

  • Visit the Etisalat quick pay & recharge portal online
  • Provide your Etisalat landline or internet number
  • Choose a payment method, which might include Visa, credit/debit card, and other methods.
  • Provide the payment method details, and you’re ready to go

Once the details are correct and sent, you will receive a confirmation SMS that displays your successful recharge with your quick pay payments. For those using the recharge service, feel free to check your balance.

Always check your balance after every recharge, to confirm if the exact amount was sent to your Etisalat line or not & avoid complaints/queries.

Furthermore, you can pay off your Etisalat bills without any login steps, selecting over 10 accounts by just taping on the Add Account option with the + sign.

Also, access the MORE OPTIONS sections to choose pay by account, pay by summary bill account, pay by bulk file upload, or even check payment status. Consider these procedures below, and find out how to use the Etisalat business quick pay.

  1. Feel free to visit the Etisalat Business Quick Pay online portal.
  2. Provide your account number, and the amount you want to pay
  3. Tap on the Continue button, and choose a payment method
  4. Once the card details are correct, you’re good to go.

This is the exact way how you can use the Etisalat Business Quick pay & Recharge online, and also, use the procedures to carry out quick pay for businesses.

Once an issue comes up while using it, do not hesitate to contact Etisalat customer care service via 00 971 800 2300.

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How Shopping with Etisalat Easy Pay Works

Customers use their Etisalat mobile account to buy third-party products or services, some of these services include:

  • Apps
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Games, and others

Meanwhile, the Etisalat Easy Pay method is used during these kinds of services to carry out transactions online/offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Etisalat Business Quick Pay

What is Etisalat Quick Pay?

It allows you to freely pay bills for their postpaid payments & even recharge online without login into their platform. Also, you don’t need to create an account or log in before you can carry out a quick pay & recharge service.

How do I activate my Etisalat business account?

Submit the following documents to your account manager:

  • Trade License
  • Establishment Card
  • Your Emirates ID
  • Owner’s Emirates ID
  • Approved Letter of Authorisation
How to check my Etisalat business balance?

Dial *121#. Then after dialing the Etisalat USSD code, you instantly get a text message displaying your internet data usage balance.

How do I contact Etisalat customer care?

Email address:

Phone number: +971 800 55 800.

For further updates on Etisalat Business Quick Pay, feel free to visit this page next time on Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share our articles. Leave a comment below if necessary.

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