How to Take Loan from Botim | Download Legit Instant Cash App UAE

How to Take Loan from Botim — if you need instant cash from a UAE instant cash mobile service, just download the app, request the instant loan slip, fill in the relevant info, and send it for approval.

Botim gets you funds within hours of requesting it. This service has been jumpstarted by the recent changes and revamps that occurred within the company, culminating in a public ad show on the Burj Khalifa.

With the current Money Transfer feature on Botim, users can access funds transfers between Botim Accounts and those registered with commercial banks. Also, they can transfer funds to other mobile wallets, including options for cash withdrawals at designated pick-up points.

Those residing in the UAE, U.S.A, and India, get to access instant cash via the mobile app. All of these have been enabled on the current iteration.

What You Need to Know

Along with Astra — built by Astra Tech, and recently affiliated with MoneyGram —, Botim ads have been on display on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, marking a celebration of the upgrade from a chat forum to a money transfer app.

MoneyGram partners with Astra, which also occupies a top position as one of the best payment solutions in the UAE. Botim just joined the duo, as highlighted by the image projection on the Burj Khalifa.

However, Botim isn’t an entirely new concept. It has been on wheels for a time, with over one million users globally. Yet, only recently did it expand into the Money Transfer service it now offers on the mobile application.

Anyone looking to access a How to Take Loan from Botim registry can simply use the convenient format supported for the app (explained in this article).

It doesn’t take an expert to request a loan via Botim. The functionality merges with the user-friendly chat and messaging features on the social media aspect.

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How to Take Loan from Botim | Download the Botim App

Do you need urgent cash from a domiciled UAE lender? If you want an Instant Loan, then learn How to Take a Loan from Botim in a brief and reliable procedure. This only takes a couple of minutes to get the request through. Subsequently, you can await your loan within 24 hours.

The first thing to consider when sourcing a loan in the UAE is a legit, fast, and reliable mobile bank. Botim is probably the best option that comes to mind (and for good reasons too).

For one, it looks poised to proffer the first far-flung mobile payment services in the UAE via an app. Instead of being only an instant loan and chat service, it further Integrates utility payments, subscriptions to services, and more.

So, you can use the app for varied transactions. Here is a quick step that you can use to download it on your smartphone.

  • On Play Store, search Botim — Video Call and Voice Call
  • How to Take Loan from Botim
    Download Botim on Google Play Store
  • Verify that the result also offers digital KYC, easy money transfer, mobile recharges, bill payments, etc.
    Click on INSTALL.
  • Lastly, retrieve the app from your smartphone and complete the sign-up process.

If you are using an iOS smartphone, use the alternative procedure below to download the mobile app.

  • On App Store, search Botim — Video Call and Voice Call
  • How to Take Loan from Botim
    Download Botim on App Store
  • Also, verify that the result also offers digital KYC, easy money transfer, mobile recharges, bill payments, etc.
  • Click on INSTALL and check the consent box to enable the device to function optimally on your iOS smartphone.

After installing the app, you can complete the user sign-up process using the on-screen prompt.

Since the company is a payment processor, it makes the How to Take Loan from Botim procedure via the app very easy. This implies that the KYC is not too demanding. It only takes a few necessary details — enough to guarantee your account security.

Apart from the How to Take Loan from Botim procedure and Botim Instant loan feature, the platform allows you to do other stuff like video calls and voice chats.

People in the UAE can now use a similar messaging service to globally used chat media like Messenger and WhatsApp. The How to Take Loan from Botim service is one offsetting feature added to the app.

In the coming months, possible mergers can be expected, along with new and fascinating concepts on the social media aspects, which have been astonishingly upscaled with the How to Take Loan from Botim feature update.


Although there are APKs and other hacks for downloading Botim App, these other alternatives outside Play Store and App Store are illegal and potentially harmful to your mobile phone.

Further, the UAE has strict laws against loan sharks. Loan sharks are absolutely discouraged in that jurisdiction.

It isn’t worth the effort to use a third-party app for instant loans, especially when there is a perfectly legal and reliable app on Play Store. Remember, you can download the Botim app on your smartphone, tab, PC, etc.

How to Take Loan from Botim | Is It Reliable?

Botim has been downloaded by millions of people on Play Store — similar numbers also use the app on iOS —, making it one of the pacesetters as not only a messaging platform but also an instant loan app.
If you are using Play Store to download the app, you get a Play Protect guarantee, implying that the app doesn’t contain malware, collect personal data, or spam your inbox.

Botim is quite fast and reliable. However, it may contain ads, which is often the case for most fintech instant loan apps. So, this isn’t a step out of line as far as mobile payment solutions go.


Botim has been recently upscaled from its primary messaging service to a mobile payment solution. Following the announcement, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai has been lit up with the company’s latest venture.

It currently offers Instant Loan along with video and voice-call features. You can download the mobile app on Google Play Store or App Store.

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