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Individual Health Policy is most suitable for consumers who do not have any employer-based coverage or cannot afford Medicare. This is a type of policy that individuals can purchase on their own without any dependence on an employer, the government, or an entire organization.

To purchase this policy, consumers have to be sure they are entitled to themselves from every indication, you can also get this policy for your family as long as it is not employer-sponsored or government-run.

The terms and conditions for being eligible for this policy cover are simple, you must be self-employed, retired before you can afford Medicare, or, running a small business, etc. You just have to be involved in independent development to be eligible for this policy.

This article will give you detailed information about purchasing an Individual Health Policy, how it works, where to buy from, etc.

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What is an Individual Health Policy?

An Individual Health Policy is a type of policy cover that is suitable for individuals who do not have an upper hand in getting employer-sponsored or Government-run coverage. You can also purchase this policy cover on a family basis.

Becoming an Individual Health Policyholder means signing up under a body to manage this type of insurance policy by gaining control over the coverage and being responsible for paying the involved premiums.

Consequently, you can purchase as much life insurance as you desire as there are no said number of policies one can purchase at a time which is to say that, even if you already have a life insurance policy cover but want to go ahead with Individual Health Policy, you are permitted to do so.

However, before you can qualify to take out this insurance cover, you are expected to have read carefully, the terms and conditions and to have gotten familiar with the eligibility criteria.

It is not clear whether all the companies that offer this type of cover go around checking their clients to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements but only those who qualify can certainly take out the policy.

How Does Individual Health Policy Work?

Although the plan availability and coverage options can vary differently by location and broker including the plan, Individual Health Policy works just one way and that is for people who need personal health coverage.

Individuals who do not have the privilege of getting under an employer-sponsored insurance coverage or government-run, are unemployed individuals, self-employed, or run small businesses.

Such people can trust this type of insurance policy to cover them for as long as they sign up. Except you are working under an employer who has gotten insurance coverage for all the staff of his firm, then you are good to go.

When you take out an Individual Health Policy, you are covered in cases of emergency hospital visits, assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, medication reminders, mobility, etc.

It is not left for me to say in general what Individual Health Policy covers as it may vary depending on your policy provider, but it sure covers your health and your family.

Who Needs an Individual Health Policy?

Just as has been mentioned earlier, getting an Individual Health Policy is somewhat basically for individuals who are unemployed or have their own business but it does not end there.

In general, consumers can be individuals who are employed under a firm, corporation, or organization just as much as they can be individuals who run a small business, do not have a job, or are retired earlier than they could get Medicare

If your job does not include a job-based health cover, then you deserve to take out an Individual Health Policy for yourself or your family.

However, there are several factors that may affect the availability of this policy for you and that depends on your zip code, your policy provider, and the terms involved with them.

So, whether you are a self-employed, unemployed, small business owner, or an employee whose job does not involve a based insurance coverage, you deserve to take out an Individual Health Policy.

How Much Does Individual Health Policy Cost?

There is no general determination for the amount of money involved in taking out an Individual Health Policy but you can expect to spend a little above 1 dollar every month or weekly.

The inability to mention an exact amount needed to take out this policy cover is due to some factors that affect the charges which can include;

  • The policy provider
  • Age of the policyholder
  • Premium plan
  • The type of Individual Health Policy you choose

There may be some other factors or conditions to determine your policy expenses according to your policy provider but you never know them until you choose which provider to go to.

Individual Health Cover Providers

Different insurance companies offer coverage on individual and family levels based on the conditions stated earlier in this article but what should interest you the most is finding the best.

If you do not end up with the best policy provider for your insurance cover, you may not enjoy a lot of things on the services including that the policy may be too expensive and even more than your monthly income.

Therefore, I have carefully selected the below-listed companies that can offer you coverage on your Individual Health Policy;

Before you choose any company to purchase your policy from, make sure to conduct every necessary research to compare the brokers as the types of cover offered by each company differ.

Also, they are not tested and trusted so do not expect too much because they are recommended here.

Below is a list of Individual Health Policy types you can choose from based on your preferences and needs;

  • Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Point of service plans
  • Exclusive provider organizations
  • Preferred provider organizations

Each of these Individual Health Policy types has its terms and conditions and what they involve as well as the fees to be paid so make sure to carefully compare the types as you compare the companies.

Finding the right company can enable you to get an affordable health policy


Individual Health Policy involves different types that could be suitable for different people therefore, you are advised to compare these insurance types and companies so you do not make any mistakes.

There is no known cost for taking out an Individual Health Policy as prices may vary by the premium types, the company, age, and other factors.

Before you conclude you do not need to take out this policy because you are an employee, make sure your job includes health insurance coverage.

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