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UBA Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2023_an account of short-term investment that enables you to deposit a particular amount of fund, and receive interest at the end of the investment period, which is from 30 to 180 days.

Immediately you fund your Fixed deposit account, you cannot withdraw the fund until the certified time. However, if you eventually try liquidating the funds, you might not receive the interest that is to be paid to the account by the bank.

Almost all the banks in Nigeria possess fixed deposit accounts with competitive rates according to a different duration.

According to the UBA GROUP official platform, they stated:

UBA offers you the certainty & security needed for their short, medium, or long-term investments. You can be sure to have your investment and interest at the exact time of maturation.

In this article, you will find out all you need to know about the UBA fixed deposit interest rates, and also the deposit interest rates of other banks in Nigeria that operate a fixed deposit account for the year 2022.

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UBA Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2023

The UBA fixed deposit interest rate 2023 changes as time moves on, the interest rates are never fixed, which means that you have to keep in touch with the UBA customer care or locate the nearest UBA branch around you to get updates on the latest interest rates.

You can possibly call these numbers below, and find out from them:

+234 1 631 9822

+234 1 280 8822

+234 700 2255 822

See the table below, which contains the previous UBA fixed deposit interest rates for 2022:

Days 500,000 – 9M 10M – 49M 50M – 99M 100M – 199M 200M – above
30 days 2.00 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50
60 days 5.00 5.50 6.00 6.50 7.00
90 days 5.50 6.00 7.00 7.50 8.00
180 days 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.50 9.00

For other fixed deposit interest rates in Nigeria, see the following section below, and don’t forget to share.

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UBA Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2023 – Other Banks Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in Nigeria

Some other banks in Nigeria alternate to UBA and also operate a fixed deposit account, which you can likely apply for, see the table below, and find out the best bank fixed deposit interest rates in Nigeria.

S/N NAME OF BANK Demand Deposit Savings Deposit Time Deposit
Ave. Int Rate Ave. Int Rate Ave. Int Rate
1 Access Bank 0.34 1.15 2.34
2 Citi Bank Nigeria 0.10 1.20 0.70
3 Coronation Merchant Bank 4.58
4 Ecobank Nigeria 0.01 1.25 2.69
5 FCMB 0.27 1.15 0.25
6 Fidelity Bank 0.50 1.15 2.00
7 First Bank of Nigeria 0.00 0.00 1.50
8 FBN Merchant Bank 2.34
9 FSDH 2.00
10 Guaranty Trust Bank 0.16 1.15 1.17
11 Globus Bank Ltd. 0.01 1.15 4.00
12 Heritage Bank 0.00 4.20 13.88
13 Keystone Bank Ltd 0.60 1.15 5.61
14 Nova Merchant Bank 4.27
15 Providus Bank 0.86 0.62 3.73
16 Rand Merchant Bank Nig. Ltd 0.00 0.00 2.89
17 Polaris Bank 1.15 1.99
18 Stanbic IBTC Bank 0.001 1.15 1.60
19 Standard Chartered Bank 0.00 1.20 0.03
20 Sterling Bank 0.00 1.15 7.53
21 SunTrust Bank 0.00 4.10 3.72
22 Titan Trust Bank 0.00 1.15 1.66
23 Union Bank 0.11 1.15 1.00
24 United Bank for Africa 0.03 1.15 1.00
25 Unity Bank 0.45 1.90 4.00
26 Wema Bank 0.84 1.15 1.70
27 Zenith Bank 0.04 1.15 0.99

See a brief discussion on some of the best banks in Nigeria in the following subheadings below:

Sterling Bank’s Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Sterling seems to be the best on our list, Sterling Bank offers you the best interest rates in Nigeria, if you eventually deposit with them, you will get:

  • 5% for one month 
  • 5.25% for 2 months
  • 5.5% for 3 months

GT Bank’s Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

In GT bank, if you are with an investment of N500,000, you will be offered 4.5% interest regardless of the period you opt-in for. As GT bank offers you the same rates as other banks on our list, you will still get an equal opportunity for all deposit lengths.

UBA Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2023 – Access Bank’s Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Access Bank takes third place on our list, which offers a rate that’s twice the one offered at First Bank. The average deposit of N500,000, which you will be offered are:

  • 4% for 1 Month
  • 4.35% for 2 Months
  • 4.5% for 3 Months

WEMA Bank’s Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Outside the Top 3 which we just explained, you will get the WEMA bank, which is among the oldest bank that was founded first in Nigeria. Even though the bank has existed for a long time, it is still pushing on & growing strong. WEMA bank offers:

  • 3% for 1 month
  • 3.25% for 2 months
  • 3.75% for 3 months

Stanbic IBTC Bank’s Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Among all, Stanbic IBTC seems to be the fourth on the list, if you are to select this option, you will enjoy better rates compared to the next one on our list. They offer:

  • 3% for 1 month
  • 3.25% for 2 months
  • 3.5% for 3 months

Also, the bank offered a 0.5% interest rate on 180 days period on N1 million on 10/3/2020.

UBA Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2023 – First Bank’s Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

The First Bank, of Nigeria, is among the oldest banks to ever evolve in the history of Nigeria, also the bank has the most reliable option in the stock markets.

Despite the fact that the bank does not offer the best interest rates, we are sure that they always credit you all your funds reliably. First Bank offers:

  • 2.5% for 1 month
  • 2.7% for 2 months
  • 3.0% for 3 months

For further updates on the current fixed interest rates for UBA bank, feel free to come back here on our website at Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share.

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