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Coolmoviez Net is a wonderful ensemble of cool and fascinating movies for you to stream, download, and enjoy at your leisure.

The site has everything that concerns HD-quality movies, MP4 TV Shows, and other categories of content, with a good mix of documentaries and drama series. Coolmoviez Net offers these titles for free, which makes it the favorite of many fans who are looking to get loads of on-screen fun.

You only need a few titles to get to the main movie cache, after which you can follow the recommendations on the site for more content. It just gets really intuitive using the on-screen prompt to finish up the download procedure.

Coolmoviez Net is unique for several reasons, one of which is the free content and simple user interface (UI), making it convenient for users to retrieve their favorite titles. It also provides a fascinating list of new movies & TV Shows.

Tune in to the fun-loaded Coolmoviez Net movies & TV categories for free titles in various formats _ HD 720p, Mp4, 1080p, and more. Also, there is no limit to the number of movies you can download from this website.

On Coolmoviez Net, you can search, retrieve titles, stream online, and download your favorite titles into your mobile phone or PC. It doesn’t restrict the features to a specific user tier, since the platform is free and accessible to the public.

So, on the movie webpage, you can download movies straight into your device, instead of just sticking to the usual streaming options on paid platforms. Coolmoviez Net gives you two (2) major packages right off the bat _ and it is free!

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Coolmoviez Net: Cool Movie Vids & Clear Formats

On the Coolmoviez Net site, you can download unlimited content in any video format of your choice, as long as the option is there.

It typically offers video formats in:


HD 720,


And 1080p.

Of course, these aren’t the only options for users. However, they are the best video qualities one could get as per TV Shows and Movies. A good way to see what a movie is all about is to live-stream by skipping through the preview. In that way, you can see that the content isn’t just blank. Coolmoviez offers this feature.

Another cool feature of the site is the interesting titles it contains, selecting content from various genres, niches, and entertainment industries. So, you can download movies from the categories below.

  • Punjab,
  • Telugu,
  • Pakistani,
  • Malayalam,
  • Tamil,

And dubbed movies from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Does Coolmoviez Net Have APK?

One thing is clear about the site: it doesn’t have any app. However, there is a cloud of doubt about whether Coolmoviez has any APK. It seems that some niche movie app developers are offering an APK somewhat. We don’t really know the thrust of the whole issue, anyway.

So, for now, we would just leave the APK issue open to the user’s fancy. If you want to get an APK, assuming there is one out there, ensure to verify that there is enough guarantee for users. Also, check the APK download count, possibly from a reliable fan feedback platform.


Many APKs out there are ridden full of ads and captioned as movie plugs, whereas they are just ad dumps. You can’t be too careful about such APKs, especially when it concerns movies.

There is an APK version offering BluRay video format as one of the extra features on-screen. It probably has the Mp3 and 720p versions, instead of any higher resolutions like the BluRay format.

Regardless of the video format, one thing remains constant with the kind of movies on Coolmoviez _ they are all free, implying that they don’t require any subscriptions.

Moreover, you can select your favorite titles from any of the movie categories below:

Hindi-dubbed Hollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies,


Cartoon Full-length movies,

Indian Movies,

Bhojpuri Movies, etc.

Coolmoviez Net
Download All-time Popular Bollywood Movies & TV Shows

Also, you can get regional titles from South India, along with interesting pageants taken from the rich Indian culture, and mergers between Hollywood and Bollywood. Coolmoviez Net comes replete with all of these categories. As a visitor to the website, you can get any available content on the homepage.

Suppose you wish to download only the title you have in mind, how do you retrieve it from the Coolmoviez Net movie webpage? See the section below for details.

How To Find Coolmoviez Net Movies

If you don’t know how to fetch a title from the clutter of movie categories on the Coolmoviez homepage, you might end up clicking on the wrong movies often. The worst part is that clicking on just about any caption on the site will accumulate risks of downloading malware into your device.

At the least, you can use the easy step-by-step guidelines here to locate the movie, then download it into your phone.

Using the web browser on your PC or smartphone, search for the movie name in this format: “Coolmoviez Venom 2”. In this way, you will get the movie page immediately. Also, the search format takes you to a page suggesting similar titles to the one you searched for if the one you want isn’t on the page.

You can always check back on the site for any new uploads. Coolmoviez gets updated with new movies, TV Shows, drama series, and TV documentaries every 24 hours. Any movie that isn’t on the site at the moment will likely be uploaded the next day.

See how the download process works in the following section.

How to Download Movies from Coolmoviez Net

Coolmoviez might be available in different URLs or slight variations of the current ones, although they basically offer the same sorts of content.

Here is how the download steps work.

  • Go to the official URL, coolmoviez Com.
  • Select your preferred titles from the available movies on-screen.
  • Alternatively, you can use the search format: /Coolmoviez “movie name”/
  • Once the movie subpage shows up, click on the download icon.


You can always vary the site name to get the active URL _ mycoolmoviez, coolmoviez pro, icoolmoviez, etc. The site has other clones online as well.

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