Is Flight Club Legit? Flight Club Reviews | See How It Works

Is Flight Club Legit — at least, going by the Flight Club Legit reviews about the authentication, design variety, and catalog of products? We intend to find out in this article.

First off, what is Flight Club?

If you are just getting to know about this platform, here is a good opportunity for you to grasp what it is all about.

Flight Club is an online marketplace that lists products that are typically sourced from third parties. Whenever any advertised product is purchased, the company makes a fixed percentage of the sales proceeds.

Usually, the wares are kept in a store, verified as authentic (or not, some products are returned), then put up for sale.

Is Flight Club Legit
Verified Air Jordan Sneakers on Flight Club

Since it was founded in 2005, the company has grown in size and scope, offering various footwear alternatives, including sneakers from AIR, Jordan, Colorways, and OG.

Besides its primary locations in New York City, Flight Club has opened stores in is Angeles and Miami.

Most people find the platform to be quite an indispensable store, considering that it offers rare designs from popular brands, allowing the buyers to keep abreast of fashion fads while maintaining some vintage tastes.

Despite the company’s roadmap, most of the search keywords for the online store have been “Is Flight Club Legit?”. That’s a bit strange, but given the size and purview of Flight Club as a business, such a trend is to be expected.

In this article, we discuss crucial aspects of the company, intending to determine a plausible verdict for the Is Flight Club Legit question. Read on below for details.

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Is Flight Club Legit? Here Is How It Works

For those looking to purchase products from the company, a preliminary sign-up may be required. In that case, the following user registration/sign-up format will come in handy.

Access the official website via browser.

On the Flight Club Homepage, opt for sign-in.

Toggle the option for User Login to retrieve the Create Account portal.

Create An Account on Flight Club

Then follow the cue on-screen to provide the necessary details, including your email address and password.

Lastly, click on the verification icon (check the authentication process) and confirm that your details are entered correctly.

After the last step, you now have an account on the platform, from which you can easily access the products, promos, discounts, and other deals from Flight Club.

About the “Is Flight Club Legit?” reel, you can check the section below for the available promo offers, possible coupons, and other values, apart from the affordable products provided by the company.

Access Flight Club Promo Codes

Upon signing up on the website, customers who have an account can get Flight Club promo codes, which get increasingly better with subsequent increases in purchases.

The marketplace offers a variety of coupon codes, promos, and occasional deals that cap the amazing offers for the season.

You can check the official website for available coupons — usually, there are offers for sellers and buyers on the site, regardless of who gets to place sale orders.

Although this doesn’t qualify as a promo or coupon, the Shipping Cost is a really good offer, which puts much of the subsequent deals from the company in relief.

As per the shipping costs, you get charged a standard rate of twelve dollars ($12). If you want to get the delivery underway soon and have it delivered to your doorsteps, use the Fastest To You feature. Once you get this alternative option going, you can access a shipping cost of only six and a half dollars ($6.5) — some buyers report that this could be as high as $25.

Purchase Protection & Shipping Period

A huge factor that answers whether Is Flight Club Legit? gets a good verdict is the guarantee on purchased products.

For one, the company does seem to have something in the category of Authentic Verified used by other popular online marketplaces. On Flight Club, sellers get to list their merch, shoes, or other related accessories. However, this depends on subsequent verification by the company.

Once Flight Club has verified a product, it then attaches a branding to show it is verified and free of faults. Buyers can then look up the product description from the site, confirm that it has the purchase protection pass, then place an order if it appeals to them.

What About the Shipping Period?

Once the company gets your order, they begin a shipping processing check, which usually takes up to four (4) days.

Moreover, Flight Club allows up to a three-hour period for buyers to cancel orders. After the time elapses, no refund is provided —it is assumed that the customer is quite content with the shoe description.

Is Flight Club Legit? Possible Downsides

If the question is whether the company is generally viable, then the answer is invariable YES.

Flight Club provides some of the best deals, including shoes from popular designers in the production industry. It also offers affordable shipping and delivery pricing.

Here is a brief Pros & Cons surmise of the possible downsides and upvotes for the company.


It provides a variety of sneakers, allowing buyers to purchase from different kinds of brands.

Flight Club supports a refund (as far as the request is made within three hours after the order is placed)

Short delivery period

It offers several promos

Also, Flight Club has good and reliable Customer Support on many platforms (this includes several social media apps).


The period for refund requests is too short — 3 hours.

Despite the positive reviews, some customers have complained about getting deliveries late.

Also, there are complaints of purchased products not matching the ads on the site (this is mostly trivial, considering that Flight Club has a store).


At this point, you probably wish to know our verdict on the question, “Is Flight Club Legit?”. If so, then the only logical surmise is that the company really gets an above-average rating on many platforms.

Regardless, some complaints (ref. the cons above) will need proper attention from the CS.

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