Emmiol Reviews Reddit | Pros & Cons | Is It Fast Fashion?

Emmiol is one of the popular fashion retailers online, providing accessories and wearables like pants, tops, hoodies, vintage, and generally, women’s and men’s clothing.

From the get-go, the company promises up to a 30-day returns guarantee, multiple discounts, various assortments — plus potential cash backs. The retail site is a straight plunge into what the company has to offer.

It also makes for a handy tool whenever a customer wishes to place an order. Such prospects need only download the mobile app (get the software for iOS users and Android), check the catalogs for an enticing deal — and attached discounts! —, and then place an order.

For those looking to download the app for ease of access, here is a brief format.

Download Emmiol on Apple Store or Google Play Store

As a prelude, Emmiol has been reviewed by users (about 481 reliable reviews) on these platforms, with a generally good rating. On App Store, it garners up to 3.1 out of 5 and has an age compatibility of 12+.

Usually, anyone using an iOS 10.0 version can get the particular installation through the link provided in the download procedure below.

Download Emmiol App for Easy Access
  • Retrieve the entry for the app (search Emmiol — provided by STARWE LIMITED).
  • Check that you have the required data size, then click on INSTALL.

Similarly, android phone users can get the mobile app using the procedure on Google Play Store.

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Emmiol Consumer Feedback from Reddit

Are you getting to know about the company for the first time? If your answer is yes, then read our concise Emmiol Review in this article. First, below is an overview of the review cross-section on Reddit.

Mediocre Stuff Lugged from China

If this doesn’t already come across as a muddling, it probably sticks as feedback from a dissatisfied customer. For one, there is no way to tell if the clothes are mediocre without referencing the ads campaign behind it.

Suppose an online retailer brands cheap, rough-spun cotton and wool clothes as a worsted clothing piece, then it would be a thorough sham. Apparently, this is the context for the review by the Reddit user.

Also, the comment was not dropped off-hand, considering that there have been precedents where a retailer lumps wads of poor fiber as quality products and carts them off to unsuspecting buyers. People can’t be too careful about the stuff they order.

Emmiol Could Disappear Anytime

Here is a hard one. A retailer isn’t supposed to be like any drop-off distributor that merely picks up an order, packages the described products, and merely delivers them to the purchaser. That’s a sly way of building whatever reputation the company might covet.

On this section of Reddit Emmiol Consumer review, however, the impression is that the company is not going to disappear anytime soon.

At least, a time range of 2019-2026 (eight years) doesn’t pass for abrupt closures for any website. There is enough time for the company to renew its hosting and keep its online presence.

Amateur Work

This goes to illustrate the slipshod output that comes with entrusting third parties with the task of producing every cloth for a fashion retailer.

In this instance, a customer complains that the dress model is an exact replica of — not just one — several other entries in a different dress catalog in terms of measurement. As hilarious as this sounds, it appears that some supervisor goes through the work menu and recommends a 22 Inch Waist for all creators.

For those who are just getting introduced to the gimmick, the ploy here is fast fashion. It is a convenient strategy that allows the company to mass-produce products using cheap labor and less expensive budgets.

As long as the pattern goes on, instances, where a measurement is fixed for whole dress models, will always be rife. The same has been reported on Emmiol.

Clothes Delivered Looks Different from Description

Most vendors have had instances of products not being exactly per the purchasers’ description. It isn’t a very unique criterion as far as it only happens every once in a while.

However, some sections of Emmiol Reviews on Reddit tend to report a preponderance of clothes being very different from the advertised merchandise. That is not good, and Emmiol might not get off on a light note if this continues.

In one instance, an order was placed for pastel pink, but the delivered product came out in heavy colors.

After unsuccessfully trying to get the right material many times, the person gave up, advising other buyers to go for plain-colored merchandise, instead of check patterns, tartans, or intricate designs like pied de poule (colored hound’s tooth designs).

Complications While Placing an Order

Buyers don’t get along well with an online retailer that is fraught with complications, especially when there hasn’t been a previous good business relationship between the duo.

As regards Emmiol, several reports have been published on Reddit about the trinket junks it sends into the customers’ inbox, cluttering the space with irrelevant promos and discount tidbits.

Some people would be thrilled by the sight of a flurry of discount codes, no doubt. But the unsightly pile-up can be cringe for other kinds of customers.

Emmiol Shipments & Locations

The company is an online brand, which only takes orders for deliveries through the retail website. So, there is no fixed warehouse.

Once an order has been placed, Emmiol uses its drop-off points — typically store rooms or temporary warehouses — to deliver the specified products. Regardless of the users’ cloth preferences, the company doesn’t support invites or in-person visits.

Also, all discount promos are accessible as codes. No one has announced getting a redeemable coupon at any company location so far.

 Is Emmiol Using Fast Fashion?

In case the header captures your thoughts or reservations about the company, then read this section.

Clearly, the company is using the new Fast Fashion fad among the gaggle of Chinese-owned retail fashion lines lately. Some PRs would simply use a misnomer — sustainable fashion — to avoid using the uncomfortable tag.

Unless the Emmiol Reviewer is intentionally using loads of double-speaks, there is absolutely no way to get around the issue by simply calling it a sustainable strategy. A number of unsavory gimmicks can as well be replicable. But it isn’t good ethics.

Here is why Fash Fashion is a bad idea.

Granted it provides the required clothes, accessories, wigs, or any products in large numbers within a short period, but it doesn’t fall in line with laid-down labor laws. At least in the U.S., no one gets a free pass for abusing workers, regardless of the sort of business at stake.

Retailers looking to mass-produce clothes will usually employ cheap labor, use sub-standard materials, or buy up tawdry fiber from third parties.

If anything is accomplished by this scheme, it is the sort of complaints above culled from the Reddit Emmiol Comments/feedback.

Pros & Cons

Despite using fast fashion, Emmiol has its good sides. Many customers would gladly share the good aspects, if only as a nod to the clutter of discounts and promos on the site.

So, we outline the Pros and Cons of the company.


Emmiol offers good discounts and various promos akin to cashback, etc.

It has a reliable CS — mostly via the web option.

The company offers a mobile app on Google Play Store and App Store.

Also, there are lots of catalogs to select from, ranging from various kinds of men’s wear to women’s wear.

Further, Emmiol offers niche clothing, with specific descriptions for interested buyers.

Lastly, the company has at least above average rating on most of the listed merchandise on Amazon.


There are pockets of complaints at first, but increasing dissatisfaction currently.

Many customers are reporting swaps or misplaced orders.

Deliveries don’t match the description on the sales site.

Unprofessional CS replies — junk and spam in the customers’ inboxes.

Fewer options for purchasing detailed designs (often this is swapped with a plain one).

It has a generally low rating on Trust Pilot


Emmiol is an online retailer that provides various catalogs of clothing at affordable prices. Despite loads of complaints so far about the site, no one has reported an incommensurate price tag. That’s a plus for the platform.

On the flip side, the company is getting growing criticism online for adopting fast fashion, which is a convenient dub for cheap labor.

In terms of legitimacy, no government agency has raised any complaints about the site. Although this doesn’t automatically imply that Emmiol is legal on the face of it, it clearly shows that the company doesn’t violate any overt child labor laws in the U.S.

Apparently, the version of fast fashion used here could be merely limited to third-party designers.

So far, the only issues might be the amateurish outputs — including all the downsides highlighted in the cons above.


Emmiol is a viable option for practical wear. The platform is available on Amazon, provides apps on Google and Play Store, and has a good CS.

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