MTN Xtradata Code | MTN XtraValue Subscription, Free Airtime Bundle

MTN Xtradata Code: MTN – a Telecommunication industry in Nigeria. MTN now has outstanding special plans, which they use to satisfy their customers & users in order to retain them & use it to attract more customers to the company’s services.

All these contribute a great deal to the MTN telecommunication industry, and after all, these have been attained, the company will achieve much from their services, and expects more as the offer still goes on.

Meanwhile, in this article, you will find out more about the MTN XtraValue offer, and other Xtradata Offers, including the codes for receiving the offers, all will be penned down in this article.

So read on below & find out more…

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MTN Xtradata Code – MTN XtraValue Bundles

XtraData Bundle is the allocation of data, which will be greater than that of the Voice Bundle. And this plan allows you to buy a bundle that offers you a great & exclusive amount of airtime for voice calls, and a large volume of data added to it.

Isn’t this great? MTN XtraValue Bundle plan seems to be the First Call & Data Bundle from MTN Nigeria.

We know that the MTN call bundle has always been available but this one seems to be cheaper & lasts longer than the one that has always been there.

There are two types of XtraValue bundles that MTN Nigeria offers: The first one is MTN XtraTalk which offers you great voice call bundles, and MTN XtraData, which offers you exclusive data bundles for browsing & Internet activities.

The MTN XtraData Bundle is currently available in two different formats with different price ranges, from N300 to N20,000. And this bundle is accessible to all prepaid & postpaid subscribers using the MTN network.

Meanwhile, the MTN XtraTalk bundle plan offers your more Voice bonus for calls, just like how the XtraData offers your more data volume for your data & internet activities.

Immediately the Prepaid customers subscribe to any XtraValue plan, they will automatically migrate to an all-xtravalue plan offers, while the postpaid customer will enjoy the bundle according to their tariff plans immediately after subscribing to any XtraValue bundle plans.

XtraValue Bundle – How to Buy the XtraValue Bundle.

  • Types of the MTN XtraValue Bundle – XtraTalk & XtraData.
  • You can purchase the XtraValue bundle plans by dialing *300*1*2# & select your preferred bundle type.
  • Send the bundle purchase keyword to 131.
  • Also, customers can buy multiple XtraValue Bundles, however, the one with the highest rate has limited validity.
  • To check your XtraValue Bundle balance just dial *559*61#

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MTN XtraValue Tariff Plans – Migration Code

MTN Xtradata Code: To subscribes to the MTN XtraValue Tariff plans is easy. If you are to subscribe to the MTN XtraValue tariff plan, you just need to dial *131*2# and choose a preferred bundle type.

On the MTN XtraValue Triff plans means that you will receive an extra benefit on your tariff plans such as extra voice calls & extra data for everything network.

The extra airtime will be used to contact other MTN subscribers & other related networks around you like GLO, 9Mobile, and Airtel.

Meanwhile, the extra data will be used for accessing the internet, and other social media platforms. And if possible the subscriber can also share that with other MTN subscribers.

See the two types of MTN XtraValue Tariff plans explained in the following subheadings below.

MTN XtraTalk Tariff Plans – Benefits

MTN XtraTalk offers bonus airtime for calls at a cheap rate, while XtraData offers more data bonuses to browse the internet & other social media platforms. Even the data offered in the MTN XtraData Tariff plan is more than the one without tariff plans.

To enjoy these tariff XtraValue plans, you have to devote a fee that ranges from N300 to N20,000, and it is available to both postpaid customers & prepaid customers.

MTN XtraData Tariff Plans  – Benefits & Migration Codes

MTN Xtradata Code: Once the Prepaid customers subscribe to any XtraValue plan, they will automatically migrate to an all-xtravalue plan offer, while the postpaid customer will enjoy the bundle according to their tariff plans immediately after subscribing to any XtraValue bundle plans.

See the data plans, codes & bonuses you will get once you subscribe to the MTN XtraData Tariff plans in the below outline.

  • MTN XtraData 500 – Recieve 500MB Xtradata bonus on N500 recharge. To subscribe send D500 to 131.
  • MTN XtraData 1000 – Receive 1GB Xtradata bonus on N1000 recharge, To subscribe send D1000 to 131.
  • MTN XtraData 2000 – Recieve 2.5GB on N2000 recharge. To subscribe send D2000 to 131.
  • MTN XtraData 5000 – Recieve 6.5GB data on N5000 recharge. To subscribe, send D5000 to 131.
  • MTN XtraData 10,000 – Recieve 14GB data bonus on N10, 000 recharge. To subscribe, send D10000 to 131.
  • MTN XtraData 15,000 – Recieve 20GB data bonus on 15,000 MTN recharge. To subscribe, send D15000 to 131.
  • MTN XtraData 20,000 – Recieve 30GB data bonus on N20,000 recharge. To subscribe, send D20000 to 131.

After you’ve done all these, you can now enjoy the MTN XtraValue Bundle offer. And also don’t forget to share this information with others who would like to enjoy the same benefit as you.

See the concluding part of this article & find out more about the MTN Xtradata Code from the FAQs reviewed by MTN users.

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Conclusion – FAQs on MTN Xtradata Codes

See the summary of the XtraValue, XtraData, and XtraTalk offers in the table below:

MTN XtraValue Plans Price Voice Value Data Value Validity How to subscribe
(N300) XtraData N300 N300 200MB 7days Text D300 to 131
(N500) XtraData N500 N500 500MB 7days Text D500 to 131
(N1000) XtraData N1000 N1,000 1GB 14days Text D1000 to 131
(N2000) XtraData N2000 N2,500 2.5GB 30days Text D2000 to 131
(N5000) XtraData N5000 N19,500 1.5GB 30days Text V5000 to 131
(N10000) XtraData N10000 N14,000 14GB 30days Text D10000 to 131
(N15000) XtraData N15000 N24,000 20GB 30days Text D15000 to 131
(N20000) XtraData N20000 N28,800 30GB 30days Text D20000 to 13

If you are the type of person that uses data much & cherishes your data volume, feel free to apply these plans & subscribe to the MTN XtraValue Bundle.

How do I cancel XtraValue auto-renewal?

It is true that you have access to canceling the auto-renewal option before the subscription expires. As a Postpaid customer who has to subscribe to the plan, you have access to cancel the auto-renewal option by just sending No+Bundle to 131.

How do I subscribe to the XtraValue plan?

To subscribe to the plan is easy. Dial *131*2#, and choose any bundle of your choice, and then after the subscription is a success, you now have to enjoy the plan.

Does the plan has a validity period?

YES! The XtraValue plan has a validity period on each plan. To know more about the validity period, check the above section in this article.

What is the MTN XtraValue tariff plan?

This is a new tariff plan from MTN, it offers both Postpaid & Prepaid customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of voice calls & data.

Before subscribing to any of the MTN XtraValue plans, you have to have a recharge of about N300 to N20,000. Enjoy!!!

For further updates on MTN Xtradata Code, feel free to visit us here on this page at Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share our article. Leave a comment below if this article was helpful.

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