Cotosen Reviews Reddit | Is The Men’s Wear Store Scam?

Cotosen has been reviewed on many consumer feedback platforms — ref. the ratings on Trust Pilot and Sitejabber. Yet none of the reviews has any wholly good news to share about the site. Always, there seems to be an issue with the merchandise.

Is it a bad experience all through? Perhaps the company is misjudged?

Well, most of these negative reviews come from people who have actually bought the products, hoping it would foster vistas for further businesses with the brand. That ambition is running aground before it even picks pace.

Here is a quick overview of the typical replies from a Cotosen Customer feedback section.

The Usual Chinese Fast Fashion Trope

Even on foreign (non-US based) blogs, Cotosen gets the boot for using incredibly cheap stuff to mass-produce clothes. For newbies, this would be a heads-up on why a fast fashion brand doesn’t cut the image.

Apart from its use of third-party creators, cheap labor (with hints of rights violation), and poor logistics, the bulk of materials that eventually make it to the showcase catalogs isn’t the same as the ads on the site.

That’s one gimmick too many. No one could hope to build a good reputation off such a poor start.

Anyway, the comments on Reddit (including feedback on Trust Pilot) all point to this issue. And the company isn’t the only Chinese-owned company that has been criticized for proliferating cheap merchandise with misleading tags.

Designs Modelled After US-owned Fashion Brands

For the umpteenth time, this sort of complaint makes it to the headlines with regards to what online clothes retailers would put out as genuine merch.

Previously, one other fast fashion brand liberally reproduced designs from a few US-based designers. The clap-back on reviewer sites is appreciable, following complaints from the actual design owners.

In this case, Cotosen has been harshly criticized for copying trends.

Does this really matter? Of course, it doesn’t imply any dent in the company’s reputation. However, the problem might just be general disappointment with the difference between advertised merch and the actual clothes delivered.

On the face of it, using bloated language on the tags is only a market strategy. But when a customer pays for an advertised wear, the person would expect to get exactly what was ordered.

Also, on a brighter note, Cotosen equally receives some good reviews.

Reviewer A — The Clothes I Got Are High Quality

Despite disappointments with some of the clothes delivered by the brand to its customers, many buyers find the fabric to be of high quality, durable, and quite luxurious. That’s just on the mark, especially for an online vendor.

So, Cotosen isn’t a bad deal after all. Apparently, a broad section of users relishes their purchases from the company.

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Cotosen Reviews | Why Shop on the Site?

The consumer market is getting drastically revamped in view of changing tech, market sentiments, and reception of tech.

Most businesses have begun leveraging the efficiency afforded by online stores, intending to fast-track the production process. Cotosen is one such business.

Get Multiple Discounts on Cotosen!

The company uses its online fashion store for all its sales, preferring quality-geared fashion wear to the usual drop-off points in practice. After some time doing quite conventional PR for its product launch (you can check some of the sponsored posts), the company finally has catalogs in stock for customers.

Further, it offers cool deals to customers, including clothes provided at affordable prices. As more incentive, there are several unique categories with specific designs that are suitable for outdoor activewear, indoor lounge clothes, informal swim trunks, and so on.

So, at a glance, the brand offers a large catalog of clothes — multi-purpose designs too —, bonus offers, and cheap prices.

Cotosen Pros & Cons

Many consumers will no doubt have their unique experience with their purchased merch, especially if the products don’t match the orders.

Also, some reviews about a product can be oddly subjective. If these brands can influence buyers to behave a certain way towards the clothes, then reactions are bound to be unique and varied.

So, you can check out the Pros and Cons of Cotosen, bearing in mind that these are mostly gleaned from feedback on popular Consumer Reviews sites.


It supports chargebacks, provided that the order is canceled within 24 hours of its placement.

Buyers can pay via multiple options

Every order above $99 has zero delivery charge.

A thirty-day safe net for cancellation and returns.

Cotosen offers discounts — lots of discounts!

Also, buyers get a two-year guarantee on purchased products.

First orders are marked for ten percent discounts


Despite the good deals provided by Cotosen, there aren’t enough reviews on this by customers.

Generally, the company has received numerous criticisms and complaints.

A low rating on many review platforms and general user dissatisfaction (which could be a major detraction).

Major Downsides | Hardliners on Delivery Policy

As if the cons aren’t enough issues already, Cotosen throws in a series of hardliners as regards the product purchases and delivery.

Here is a very disturbing policy riding on the users’ consent.

Cotosen is entitled to refuse or cancel any orders without any explanation.

So, going by this, your orders on the site can be arbitrarily terminated, regardless of the circumstances that might impact the incident. No prior warnings, no heads-up — the company just gets to decide what goes to the customers, who pay the money anyway.

Even when the company acquiesces to delivery, they do not undertake to be liable for any damages that may happen to the merchandise (this is mostly according to feedback, though).

Moreover, Cotosen promises to deliver within 15 days — usually business days — of placing an order. The furthest date from this schedule s the shipping time for African countries (Morrocco, Niger, etc.). Yet there are reports that deliveries take over one month (up to forty-five days).

These issues factor into the suspicions about the numerous discounts offered by the company — 15% off on registrations, 10% off on the first orders, and free delivery on orders above $99!


On the official website, Cotosen offers just the sort of merchandise that would entice buyers. However, the façade comes off on a closer look. Considering the preponderance of complaints reported by people who have purchased the products, the whole ads seem to be scams.

Most of the complaints are that the company:

Delivers cheap material, which is quite different from what is advertised on the site;

Compromises on quality;

Doesn’t offer genuine merch;

Isn’t reliable.

On Trust Pilot, Cotosen is rated 2.2 out of 5, a very poor rating for a Men’s Clothes Shop.


Going by consumer ratings, the company isn’t satisfactory generally.

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