Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents | 5 Best Lenders

Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents — FinTech has simplified modes of payment, often enabling multiple money transmitters on one mobile app.

Regardless of your location, instant loan apps will easily avail you of many payment options for your utilities, subscriptions, credit top-ups, and so on. That’s what disruptive mobile banking apps have brought to the financial ecosystem.

But do you know that you can get Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents? Clearly, people are very much aware that mobile banking apps can provide loans within twenty-four hours of the request.

Yet, only some user tiers are familiar with the instant loan options from these apps.

Several banking apps — these are quite different from commercial internet banking services — provide loans in the instant (typically in 1 hour) without requiring cumbersome details.

Most Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents depend on the borrowers’ credit scores, employment status, salary grade, and loan history. If the person has an overall poor record or carried over debts from previous loans, chances are that the request will be turned down.

 Why Get an Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents?

Sometimes you might need urgent funds, extra cash, or overdrafts. If this feels like an undue stretch on your fixed budget, consider getting some relief from a reliable and efficient lender.

Those who have handled projects or set a schedule for events that require funds will often need some extra emergency funds to bear off some expenses. In that case, knowing which lenders are likely to source loans within a short period is most welcome.

Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents
Get Instant Mortgage Loans

Loan apps, pawnbrokers, bank unsecured Loans, etc., are some of the lenders that provide loans within hours (or even minutes) of application.

They only do a few preliminary checks on the borrowers’ records — credit scores, sufficient collateral (for pawnbrokers), loan history within the last few months, and so on.

Broadly, people will need loans for varied reasons. This could be for weddings, trips, ceremonies, outdoor hikes, or some last-minute purchases.

Of course, you can get this loan from any bank without many documents. So, what’s the fuss about non-bank lenders? Well, they typically offer instant loans, sometimes to applicants with low credit scores.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot get a loan from a bank within an hour. On the contrary, certain types of bank loans will take weeks or even up to a month to process. Outliers like HDFC Bank can give you pre-approved loans in seconds as a customer.

In this article, we have compiled a list of five (5) lenders that could provide Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents. And loans from these lenders also don’t necessarily depend on good credit scores. See below for details.

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Lenders to Look Up for Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents

Here is the best twist to the instant loan convo so far: some lenders are willing to offer loans even with a bad credit record from the applicant.

So, you can come across lenders that provide up to 90% unsecured loans on most of its available tiers, although others may require a good credit score upfront.

Check out some of the lenders below for urgent cash within minutes, instant funds, or loans without collateral.

  1. Magnolia

If you are going to get a loan for some expenses that might pop up before your next salary or wage is due, consider looking up a reliable lender on the Magnolia website.

Magnolia Instant Loans with Low Credit Check

Magnolia offers access to a list of payday loan providers, every one of which processes the loan request within minutes.

Also, the short period for educated decision-making allows borrowers to access urgent extra cash just in minutes of the loan application.


  • Borrow on a low credit score — it advances loans in structured tiers for any applicant, regardless of the credit score.
  • Magnolia services are available all day, seven days a week.
  • Short processing time and instant loan
  • It doesn’t vet the applicants’ purpose for requesting the loans.


  • High rates apply
  • Magnolia offers access to lenders that provide unsecured loans, which often have disclosure loopholes that put the applicant at a disadvantage.
  • Sometimes the debts are difficult to pay off due to the high rates on the loan.
  1. ASCIN — A Payday Loan

With multiple options for people to request instant Loans at friendly rates and non-restrictive rules, ASCIN serves as a reliable lender directory. It creates a broad spectrum of choices for the applicants to get loans without worrying about collaterals.

Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents
Access a Direct Lender via ASCIN Loans

Here is an ASCIN feature that might interest the intending client the most: the lenders won’t hector you about low credit scores.

Also, the rates are considerably lower than those offered by non-integrated private lenders. So, most of the options on ASCIN are quite easy to access. The inconvenience of sourcing unsecured loans is greatly lowered.


  • Credit Scores can range from poor to excellent.
  • Further, the borrower is not confined to transactions from only one chosen lender. Other lenders can easily be accessed if the current loan provider should reject the request.
  • Loans are typically provided within 24 hours on a business day.


  • Loan processing periods are not as fast as might be expected for a platform that offers Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents.
  • Just like most payday loans, the applicable rates are high.
  • It may be difficult to pay off the accumulated rates.
  1. Quick Cash Loan

This company chose an apt descriptor as a brand name since it provides loans quickly and with good conditions too.

Quick Cash, like ASCIN and Magnolia, does not provide the loans directly. Instead, it integrates a number of options for the applicant to use as a reference.

Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents
Access a Direct Lender via QuickCash Loans

Any preferred lender on the Quick Cash Loan website will usually provide uniform charges — i.e., the same rates are applicable to other loan sites as well.


  • Quick Cash Loans provides Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents.
  • The loans do not depend on high credit scores — applicants with a low score can still get it an hour.
  • Also, it provides access to reliable lenders, all offering similar rates and tiered loans depending on the applicants’ criteria.
  • Generally, Quick Cash Loans offer fast services and an efficient website 24/7.


  • High rates — this happens a lot with unsecured loan providers.
  • The high rates could accumulate worrying debt amounts if not paid off on time.
  • Sometimes, the processing period may take longer than the one hour advertised on the platform.
  1. ASAP Finance

ASAP Finance offers easy processing, waives paperwork, supports different payment plans, and contains a large database of reputable renders.

Just like the options discussed in the previous sections, ASAP Finance avails borrowers of a network of reliable payday loan providers. It takes pride in the overall good conditions it provides for clients.

Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents
Access ASAP Finance Loans Now!

Streamlined payment methods, friendly customer-oriented services, and good sameday loans are some of the strong suites of ASAP Finance as an urgent loan provider.

It easily tops the list as one of the best options out there in terms of the range of service and ease of payment.


  • It provides Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents
  • The request forms are easily filled out, considering that they come with easy prompts
  • ASAP Finance offers relatively good rates — at least a good number of the lenders on the platform keep to this pattern.
  • Loans are provided even for applicants with low credit scores.


  • Although the rates may be lower than the benchmark for most lenders, they are still high.
  • Also, the ASAP Finance loans are unsecured loans, which may have some skew T&C that put the borrower at a disadvantage.
  • Generally, the loans can easily accumulate to huge amounts considering the high rates that apply.
  1. 12M Loans

If you want an Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents that guarantee decisions within minutes of the loan request, consider using the 12M Loans platform to get suitable lenders.

Enjoy fast and reliable service from 12M Loans

Unlike most of the options on this list, 12M Loans may not waive credit scores entirely. However, the credit score inquiry is not remotely as detailed as those carried out by lenders that provide secured loans.

Even with bad credit, 12M Loans customers can still access tiers of loans from multiple lenders at no extra charge.

12M Loans provides direct loans — no need for intermediary brokers or processing partners.


  • Fast decisions, typically reached within minutes of loan application
  • It provides Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents
  • 12M Finance is a direct lender which doesn’t use a middleman to source funds for the customers.
  • Also, the company offers good services at a generally fast rate.


  • High rates apply, especially since the lenders are not delimited by intermediaries.
  • The decisions do not necessarily guarantee that the loan request has been approved.
  • As is the case with payday/sameday loans, the ease of repayment is hampered by high rates.


You can see the interplay between commercial/investment banks and loan providers in the above list. So, the entire process is somewhat interconnected and crafted to suit all kinds of customers. Regardless of these features, though, the loans are unsecured.

If you want a secured loan, call a commercial bank — only this time, you will need collateral and at least 24 hours processing period.

Eligibility Criteria for Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents

When applying for an instant loan without collateral or supporting documents, you have to meet the eligibility criteria for the particular lender.

Although we don’t have the specifics for each lender — and this detail varies according to the loan provider —, we have outlined some general requirements for Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents.

  • No Lingering Debts

Before you request a loan from a private lender, ensure you clear any debts surpassing two years. To keep a clean slate and build more prestige, you can pay off debts that have exceeded six (6) months unless debt payment is the reason for the loan request.

Also, your request will be tuned down if the previous debt records are from lenders. No one wants such logs in their ledger.

So, you have to trim down the debt record to reasonable limits.

  • Earn up to the set Minimum Income

If you go through the loan platform list in the above sections, you will notice that almost all of them offer exclusively payday loans. This could be the basis of the unsecured loans they provide, in any case, since they’ll need some holdfast after waiving good credit scores.

You will need a steady job with salaries that are at least up to the minimum income requirement set by the lender. It helps the loan provider to speed up the decision-making process.

  • Be Within the Age Limit — 21-65yrs

The age limit for loan applicants varies from one lender to another, depending on the overarching laws in the jurisdiction.

In most places, the required age limit is between 21yrs and 65yrs. Outside the 65ys age limit, the applicant is considered well past useful employment, while applicants below 21yrs are barely capable of making decisions on finances.

Other requirements may include the following:

Nationality — the lender’s preferred country

Minimal Credit Score (although this can be waived)

Work experience


There are many fintech companies that primarily offer structured loans without collateral. Instead of the usual procedure for bank loans, these alternative lenders provide Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents.

You can access payday loans, sameday loans, secured loans (processed within 24 hours of request), etc., using any of the options in the above list.

The only downside to alternative lenders is the high-interest rate. Also, there is the issue of exacting user conditions.

On the whole, Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour Without Documents are easily sourced from mobile banking apps, payday loan platforms, or alternative private lenders. They offer relatively good services without checking credit scores.

Alternative Loan Apps for Instant Cash

You can as well get instant cash from these loan apps. They do not require high credit scores, although a threshold is often set.

BOTIM Cash Loan

iCREDIT Loan App

Approved CashNow Loan App

Mini Cash

Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai

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