Mashreq Bank Credit Cards – Online Credit/Debit Card Application

The Mashreq Bank Credit Cards are currently available to get via the Mashreq official card application page. The bank has made available credit & debit cards for its customers to use when carrying out transactions via Mashreq bank.

With the Mashreq bank credit cards, you will enjoy a wide range of credit cards that offers lifestyle benefits, card security, and make payment easily to carry out.

Not only that, but the cards also offer cashback, partner discounts, payment protection, travel insurance, airport lounge access, Apple Pay, Samsung pay, and reward points when you purchase via credit cards.

Meanwhile, in this article, you will find out about the Mashreq Bank credit cards, and how to apply for one among the credit cards on the Mashreq bank official portal.

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Mashreq Bank Credit Cards – Features

Among all the Mashreq credit cards, there are only 4 major credit cards suggested for you on the Mashreq bank official platform within the credit/debit card section on the page. Among these credit cards are:

  • Solitaire
  • Platinum Elite
  • Cashback Cards
  • Noon VIP

Behind these credit cards are interesting features that come together with the cards, which will help you make a suitable choice when applying for the Mashreq Bank Credit Cards. See the features of these cards in the following section subheading below:

Solitare Credit Card

With the Solitaire credit cards, you can get unlimited visits to fitness first, which will be probably free to visit. Inclusively, you will earn Salaam points on all purchases with the Solitaire credit cards.

You will be eligible to access over 900 complimentary airport lounges, and valet parking in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, to apply for this Credit Card, click on the below link.

Solitaire Credit Card – Apply Now

Platinum Elite Credit Card

With the Platinum Elite Credit Card, you can have access to worldwide airport lounges for free, including Salaam points on every transaction you carry out with the Platinum Elite locally & internationally.

Moreover, users of this credit card will gain complimentary fitness first visits for about 8 visits every month, 50% discounts at Cinemas, and airport transfers for free in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Feel free to apply for this credit card via the link below.

Platinum Elite Credit Card – Apply Now

Cashback Credit Card

With the Cashback Credit Card, you will have access to unlimited 5% cashback on all transactions done with the Credit card, without annual fees. To apply for this credit card, click on the link below.

Cashback Credit Card – Apply Now

Noon VIP Credit Card

This credit card seems to be known as a Ready-to-shop instant digital card, and with this credit card, there will be no annual fee for life. Once you apply for this credit card, you will receive about AED 1,000 as a welcome bonus.

Delivery is free on noon express orders with an accelerated cashback of up to 5.0%, what an interesting feature this comes with, it seems to be the highest among the others. Click the link below to officially apply no.

Noon VIP Credit Card – Apply Now

Most of you would probably want to ask how to apply for these credit cards once you click on the above links, yes the application procedures are easy & approachable, you just need to follow the procedures listed in the following section below.

Note: the credit cards are only applicable to UAE residents with the mobile country code “+971”. If you’re not from the UAE, you are not entirely qualified to apply for these credit cards.

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How to Apply for Mashreq Bank Credit Cards

To apply for these credit cards via the above link, follow these procedures below:

  • Once you click on the above link, you will be redirected to the credit card application page.
  • There, you will provide your mobile number beginning with the country code +971, after entering your mobile number, click on the send button below.
  • And then follow the prompts to complete the application process.

Above, we only explained the major credit cards associated with Mashreq bank, in the following section below, find out some other credit cards listed below, and choose the one suitable for you to apply for.

List of Other Mashreq Bank Credit Cards

Some other credit cards found in Mashreq bank are as listed below, feel free to apply for them via the link below:

Al Islami Cards

Mashreq Al Islami Emirati Solitaire

Mashreq Al Islami Platinum Elite

Emirati Cards

Discontinued Cards

Novo Credit Cards

SmartSaver Credit Cards

sMiles Credit Cards

SmartSaver Global Credit Cards

For other interesting Credit cards on Mashreq bank, feel free to visit the Mashreq Bank official platform & apply for one as a UAE resident. You just need to click on the link above & apply for the credit cards ASAP.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mashreq Bank Credit Cards

How do I activate my Card & generate my PIN?

Your Mashreq credit cards can easily be activated via the following methods:

  • Via the Mashreq Mobile – Download the app from the Google play store or App Store free, or you can visit download.
  • Access the New User Signup Page, and follow the prompts to complete the steps

Once queries come up while generating PIN or activating the cards, you can call:

  • +971 (4) 424 4455 for Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card
  • +971 (4) 424 4411 for Mashreq Al Islami Platinum Credit Card
  • +971 (4) 424 4444 for other Mashreq Credit Cards
How can I pay credit card bills?

Paying credit card bills seems to be easy to approach, you just have to click this LINK and access ways how to pay credit card bills.

How can I keep my Mashreq credit card safe?

To find out details on how to keep your credit cards safe from fraudulent transactions, personal information exposure, and OTP exposure, click on this LINK, and access ways to keep your credit cards safe from these hazards.

How do I submit my UAE ID information to Mashreq Bank?

All banks must always retain correct and up-to-date client information, in accordance with applicable laws, according to a directive from the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

Holders of primary and secondary cards should provide their EID or passport information. And to submit the EID, click this LINK.

For further updates on Mashreq Bank Credit Cards, feel free to visit this platform next time at Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share our articles. Leave a comment below if necessary.

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